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How to Buy Primobolan 100 Online

How to Buy Primabolan 100 online

Reccomendations on Where to Get Primobolan on the Web

Primobolan is an anabolic steroid with a strongly pronounced anabolic activity and weak androgenic activity, methenolone (primobolan) often compared to masteron.

Primobolan depot is used in medicine, this anabolic helping people who suffer from loss of appetite, disturbed hormonal balance in the body, it is a good help to quickly heal wounds and helps to recover after undergoing serious operations, or after major burns, as steroids are the best and fastest reducing the body.

Primobolan exists in several forms, injections often possible to meet long ester (enanthate), which is 2-3 weeks of blood, but also, and acetate can be found, but it is a rarer and 2-3 days in the body. There is also the primobolan tablets, it has a short duration of action in the body of about 5-8 hours and injections in 3-8 days, but its main advantage is that it does not create the negative impact on the liver like other anabolic steroids in tablets. If you don’t know where to buy primobolan scroll at the end of this article but firstly read our recommendations.

Primabolan belongs to the very soft steroids and primobolan dosage have to be several times greater than the same as for testosterone. Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products created methenolone to get a good anabolic effect while avoiding the side effects, and to what extent they have it turned out really well.

What makes primobolan is not aromatized in the body, and does not produce toxic effects on the liver, thus creating a nice anabolic effect, what is not a godsend for many people, because of their positive qualities. Primobolan is one of the expensive preparations and for good reason, because their health is impossible to save, it is priceless. Don’t forget, that the best place to buy primobolan 100 for a low price is our online shop here - https://steroidsfax.com/injectables-steroids/primobolan-100-methenolone.

Buy Primobolan: Injections vs Tablets

Compared primobolan with such heavy artillery as testosterone, primobolan very harmless preparation in their background that makes him irreplaceable drug for the first year, with the aim of maintaining maximum health as quickly as possible and get the best result.

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Primobolan Side Effects

Primobolan 100 side effects

Estrogenic Side Effects

Primobolan is not aromatize in the human body. Side effects associated with estrogen will not occur while taking this steroid. Even particularly sensitive people cannot worry about the risk of gynecomastia or receive any appreciable increase in fluid retention in the body. The steroid is a quality muscle mass gains, unlike flavoring steroids, triggering a fast and low-quality mass set. In continuation of the cycle, users typically do not notice dramatic changes in blood pressure, as this effect is also closely linked to the estrogen and water retention. Methenolone - steroid, designed for drying cycles, when water and fat retention are particularly undesirable, and just a quick set of weight is not the main purpose.


Primobolan is not toxic to the liver steroid. Studies have not detected even though no significant changes in markers of liver stress when administering the preparate at therapeutic doses. However, the steroid has some resistance to the disintegration of the liver, and was recorded only unfavorable result fatal when applied methenolone acetate elderly patient. Although hepatotoxicity is unlikely to completely exclude it still cannot, especially when taken in high doses.

Suppression of Testosterone as a Negative Effect

All anabolic and androgenic steroids  taken in doses sufficient to increase muscle mass, inhibit the production of endogenous testosterone. Without the intervention of testosterone stimulants testosterone levels should return to normal within 1-4 months after treatment. Please note that it may develop secondary hypogonadism long, requiring medical intervention. The preparation is described as having a low impact on the production of endogenous testosterone in small clinical doses (20-25 mg daily), however, may change all when the drug is used for sport. In one study, more than half of the patients receiving only 30-45 mg per day, 15-65% inhibition observed gonadotropin levels. Although it cannot be called "not producing any effect," but the suppression caused metenolone acetate, yet it will be much less pronounced than with other drugs. Using Primobolan drug in moderate doses, and no more than 8 weeks, no additional regenerative therapy.

General Summary (Main Side Effects of Primobolan)

  • Reduces the production of testosterone.
  • There is water retention, which makes use of the preparation prior to the competition.
  • High doses increase the liver values.
  • In individual immunity in athletes appear side effects: a decrease in the tone of voice and enhanced hair growth on the body.

Primobolan Cycle Options

Primobolan 100 Cycle Options and Course

Primobolan Course

Solo course, despite the softness of the product - can be very effective during drying. That is, if you want to lose a little bit of excess body fat, and strengthen the body vascularity and keep the muscle fibers, the drug fits perfectly (as mentioned above). The average dose of oral primobolan is forty - fifty milligrams a day, and primobolan depot (injection) - 400 mg 1 time per week. In applying the drug injection form, beginning PCT three weeks after the last release of the substance into the body. In the case of a tablet form, via the PCT two - three days after the end of the course. Primobolan can be used by females in connection with low androgenic effects. But to exclude certain effects of masculinization, use the drug must be in low enough doses than men. All due to the fact that, despite the rare occasions male symptoms in women do occur. It is undesirable for the girls to use methenolone with other anabolics, as it may enhance the effect of androgen. Before the course, you should consult with your doctor and to hand over all the necessary tests on the hormones and so on. It is necessary to make sure to avoid side effects and to exclude possible contraindications. More detailed information on the use of the substance can be found in the instructions. There are all the necessary advice and so forth. 

Combined Course Primobolan with other Preparations

Primobolan can be used solo or in combination with other anabolics. It goes well with almost all medications, so you can feel free to pursue a course, adding to it: Body drying can take methenolone the active substance stanozolol - winstrol combination with methane contributes to muscle gain. One of the best combinations for the growth of muscle tissue, is primobolan and nandrolone (if the course is made properly, roll back the minimum) also, for the muscle gain can be combined with primobol sustanon, testosterone or anadrolon also, it should be remembered that in the course of a combined cannot contain more than one drug in order to avoid increased side effects. You must use half the dose of each drug. For example, 25 mg Primobolan orally (the recommended - 50 mg) and 100 mg nandrolone 1 time per week (200 mg per week).

Primobolan Results: for Men and Women

Primobolan (Primobolan) is best suited for the following purposes:
  • The first course of steroids. A great amount of bodybuilders convinced that the first course will be more comfortable to use oral form of steroids such as turinabol, stanozolol, oxandrolone and so on, rather than injection as primobolan. Those who decide to spend the first year it was on the injectable form, primobolan is a good choice. For an athlete who did not use steroids before, primobolan will work fine in a dosage of about 400 mg. per week. With proper diet, rest and training process you will experience good progress compared with studies in life, while at the end of the course all the muscles completely typed will and the course will not give you with any public health problems. That is all primobolan great except its price. Buy primobolan  in the course of two months can not every lover of sport, and if we add to primobolan also oxandrolone, the course fee will be off-scale. Of course the last steroids better for first-year, both in terms of pobochek, and from the point of view of preserving performance after the course. And to try methandrostenolone you have time in future.
  • Where athletes do not need a huge muscle mass, like in bodybuilding. Athletes, swimmers, etc . Primobolan will help these athletes to gain quality muscle mass, increase strength gains, more productive and more likely to engage in, and because of all this progress in his favorite sport, and not stagnate with some and the same results year after year. Of course, for these purposes primobolan is cheaper competitors in the form of stanozolol, turinabol, but these drugs are dangerous to health than primobolan. They can also be taken by one or combined with each other.
  • Primobolan for women. Primobolan and oxandrolone are the best products for women athletes. Since they do not increase the amount of androgens in women to a critical level.

  • Preparation for performances in bodybuilding. Primobolan practically does not aromatize, and therefore the use in preparation for performances in bodybuilding is quite logical. Of course, those who advocate not using at this stage primobolan solo. Solo primobolan is not able to keep the muscle from severe low-calorie diet and drugs for fat loss. With primobolan androgen used the following drugs: trenbolone, masteron, testosterone propionate.
Experienced bodybuilders like to use primobolan between powerful androgenic rates for recovery of heavy drugs. Primobolan helps to some extent to maintain muscle mass during this period. Of course testosterone production is not fully restored.

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